Morphology and Climate

...Nothing resembles me anymore,
Nothing can comfort me anymore, of this air that smells
of must and wine,
of this old October sun,
shining over the plundered vineyards...

Vincenzo Cardarelli (1887-1959), Italian poet born in Tarquinia, describes this way the mild climate and the sweetness of the memories tied to this land and its vineyards.
We know that the quality of wine starts in the vineyard with the attentive study of micro-climates and the most suitable plots for the different grape varieties.
The vineyard of the estate is immersed in a landscape that seduces for the naturalness of its hills, the colours and the “silence” that it offers. Grapes are carefully selected, the conditions must be perfect so that the quality is not compromised, the production is therefore strictly controlled in quality and quantity (only a maximum of 40/50 quintals of grapes per hectare after the thinning).
The vineyards have an excellent sun exposure and are cultivated respecting the biological rhythms of the plant. The medium soil structure is clayey, ensuring the unique quality of the grapes.


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   Località Portaccia – Tarquinia (VT)

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established in the late 30s along the coast of the Maremma Laziale, covers an area of about 817 hectares.

For three generations the Palombi family has managed the farm with passion, dynamism and a lot of determination, willing to combine tradition and innovation, always within the respect towards nature’s rhythms and the peculiarities of the territory.