Wine Cellars

The wine cellar, also called winery, is located in the business headquarters and it dates back to the '30s. It extends over three floors one of which is in the basement level in order to maintain a constant cool environment. It contains large concrete barrels aligned in a basic architectural environment, where the wine is placed before storage. It is in the basement that some of the wine production phases are carried out: there is a grape reception area; a very large room for mashing and an area reserved for winemaking and grapes fermentation. In the mid-90s an important transformation of the activity began, with a complete change made with the most modern technologies, which allowed to better protect the grapes during the processing, resulting in fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. Subsequently, a building originally used as a barn was converted into a very modern bottling area with a room for wine aging in French oak barrels. This room is characterised by constant temperature for the maturation and aging of the great wines of the estate.


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   Località Portaccia – Tarquinia (VT)

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established in the late 30s along the coast of the Maremma Laziale, covers an area of about 817 hectares.

For three generations the Palombi family has managed the farm with passion, dynamism and a lot of determination, willing to combine tradition and innovation, always within the respect towards nature’s rhythms and the peculiarities of the territory.