Those who know us, know that everything we sell is produced in our lands (km 0), picked in the morning to be sold directly in the farm. If a frost ruins the blossoming of the apricot there won’t be any harvest for the year just like it happens for a kitchen garden.
Nature decides! The authenticity of our products is clear even by their appearance. Perfect, shiny apples retaining their proper form for months like Snow White’s apple, do not exist in nature, instead we have products which follow the changing of the seasons. That is why we give less attention to the appearance of our fruits and vegetables (thus avoiding post-harvest treatments) focusing instead on the taste, the freshness and on the use of methods respecting the environment and human health.


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  +39 0766 869716

   Località Portaccia – Tarquinia (VT)

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established in the late 30s along the coast of the Maremma Laziale, covers an area of about 817 hectares.

For three generations the Palombi family has managed the farm with passion, dynamism and a lot of determination, willing to combine tradition and innovation, always within the respect towards nature’s rhythms and the peculiarities of the territory.